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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Unit 3 ₱ 0 129.69 sqm
Unit 4 ₱ 0 112.41 sqm
Unit 5 ₱ 0 112.41 sqm
Unit 6 ₱ 0 112.41 sqm
Unit 7 ₱ 0 112.41 sqm
Unit 8 ₱ 0 115.68 sqm

1. Prices  are  subject to change without prior notice.

2. Reservation Deposit - Php 100,000 good for 7 days, deductible from downpayment.

3. Spot Cash - Investment Price is payable in 15 days.

4. Downpayment is  payable in 15 days from reservation date (except  in  Spot  Cash where full Investment  Price  is payable in 15 days).

5. Estimated Monthly Amortization for  bank  loan financing is for maximium of 15 yrs. computed at  9% p.a. interest (subject to change and  
    bank  approval).  Interest  rate  is usually  repriceable  annually.

6. In-house  financing  is  for  maximum  of  5 years  currently  at  12% p.a.  interest.  Interest rate may be adjusted yearly at each anniversary    date based on the prevailing commercial interest  rate  of  BPI-Family  Savings Bank.  (Interest rate for bank and in-house financing are based     on current rate. Rates that will be  applied to the transaction  will be the rate prevailing at date  transaction is consummated.) 

7. The above price list does not yet include documentary stamp, transfer taxes, registration fee,  and expenses for Meralco, water,  and telephone     connections and other  incidental  expenses  which are for account of the Buyer and  the total  amount of which  vary  depending  on the size      and price of the unit.

8.  Trans-Phil reserves the right to correct any typographical errors in the preparation of this sample computation. 

9.  For  Special In-House Financing  installment / amortization for 10% D/P and 70% Balance  are  simultaneous.


Investing or owning a home at Potsdam is a great advantage for the whole family. Potsdam has been the talk of Cubao since its establishment.

The rooms of these houses are large enough to accommodate the growing families. Residents can also change the home arrangement depending on their preferences. In fact, the family privacy is maintained since the house servants have their bedrooms on the ground floor and each unit has its gate. Family members have their private rooms on the second and third floor.

There are only eight units in the area hence few people living in residence. The residential development, therefore, has a peaceful environment that is free of noise or unwanted disturbances. With the reduced congestion, the residents can access amenities and facilities such as parking spaces with ease. The few people living in residence also feel secure since they can easily identify visitors and strangers at Potsdam Townhomes. A Potsdam Townhome is a better investment than a condominium.

The hometown of Potsdam Townhomes, Cubao has recorded significant growth regarding commercial activities. Families living in Potsdam can access facilities such as first class shopping and recreational centers that are minutes away from their homes. Cubao has an excellent road and communication network. Call centers such as APAC, Stellar Philippines Incorporation, and Telus International have their operational headquarters just around Potsdam Townhomes.

Residing at Potsdam Townhomes will not only transform your living standard to a prestigious lifestyle but also create lifetime memories among your neighbors and family members too.

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